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Electric cage double seat regulating valve

Brand : ARIV

Product origin : Anshan,China

Delivery time : 40~60 Day

Supply capacity : 7000 PCS/YEAR

Product Description

They are divided into two structures. The cage type single seat structure is called the electric cage single seat regulating valve, which adopts the cage type single seat guiding and single seat sealing structure. The other is cage sleeve structure, which is called electric cage type sleeve valve. It adopts cage sleeve guide and double bevel seal structure. Electric cage control valve electric actuator, electric actuator for electronic integrated structure, a servo amplifier, the input control signal power to control the valve opening, the current signal into linear displacement corresponding to the automatic control of opening to continuously adjust the parameters of pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature etc. the electric cage type valve. The electric cage type control valve has the characteristics of smooth operation, large allowable pressure difference, accurate flow characteristics and low noise.

Applicable scene:

The electric cage type regulating valve is especially suitable for working occasions with small pressure difference and large pressure difference between the valve and the front.

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