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Pneumatic cam deflection valve

Brand : ARIV

Product origin : Anshan,China

Delivery time : 40~60 Day

Supply capacity : 7000 PCS/YEAR

Product Description

Pneumatic cam deflection valve consists of a single acting cylinder and a double acting cylinder (also with an electric actuator) and a partial core rotating valve body.When the valve rotates, the spherical valve core mounted on the valve shaft rotates relative to the center of the valve body, and the trajectory of the valve is in a cam shape curve;When the valve is closed, the flexible arm of the valve core is elastically deformed, so that the sealing surface of the valve core is contacted with the sealing surface of the valve seat to achieve reliable sealing Requirement。 The valve has the smooth flow of the valve body, small resistance, light weight, compared with the same caliber single and two seat valve, there is a larger Circulation capacity, weight is only about 1/3 of the same caliber single and two seat control valve. The valve core is rotated, and the stuffing box is closed Meanwhile, the actuator has larger output torque, smaller valve leakage, larger rigidity and better stability Point, especially suitable for medium with high viscosity or particles. It can be widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, light industry and metallurgy  Automatic regulation and remote control of industrial production such as power station.

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