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Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

Brand : ARIV

Product origin : Anshan,China

Delivery time : 40~60 Day

Supply capacity : 7000 PCS/YEAR

Product Description

Multi-spring form to improve the manufacturing process of the spring is conducive to the composition of different spring range. Adjustable zero function improves linear accuracy. Surface treatment using epoxy powder is not sprayed, with high fastness and corrosion resistance. With the force uniform, good stability, small size, light weight and so on. To compressed air as the energy source of electricity to accept - pneumatic valve positioner or solenoid valve input pressure signal of the gas source, the pressure on the membrane diaphragm to produce thrust compression spring assembly, and the push rod displacement, when the push rod and spring When the reaction force generated by the group is balanced, the stem is stabilized on the corresponding stroke. According to the principle of force balance, the stroke size and pressure signal input into a certain proportion of the size, so as to achieve accurate positioning of the valve spool.

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