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Pneumatic diaphragm valve

Brand : ARIV

Product origin : Anshan,China

Delivery time : 40~60 Day

Supply capacity : 7000 PCS/YEAR

Product Description

Has the advantages of simple structure, small resistance, circulation flow path than with other large caliber valve, no leakage, can be used to adjust the high viscosity fluid and suspended particles, according to different membrane materials (rubber or PTFE) suitable for regulating alkali, strong corrosive medium. The diaphragm valve is equipped with pneumatic film actuator.


1, using light actuator, height and weight can be reduced by 30%.

2, the valve body surface has a variety of materials coating layer, to avoid direct contact with the media, withstand strong valve corrosive medium corrosion.

3, when the valve is closed, the internal and external leakage is zero, especially suitable for highly toxic medium or not allowed to pollute the media of the valve section.

4. The flow path is simple, the resistance is small, the rated flow coefficient is larger than the same diameter single seat, and the sleeve control valve is big.

Applicable scene:

The pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve is especially suitable for the occasions requiring corrosion and poison.

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